Sunday 14th October 2018


Event 29 - Evensong

6.00pm - St Mary's Church - Admission Free

The end of the Festival will be marked by a service of Choral Evensong in the magnificent 12th century church of St. Mary the Virgin, Calne. For this 100th anniversary of the ending of The Great War, our guest speaker is Rev’d Janneka Biokland, chaplain at Marlborough College, who will preach on the theme of arts and war in this century year of WW1.

Before the service a quarter peal will be rung on St Mary's historic bells. A quarter peal is a set piece of bell ringing, involving one bell ringer for each of the 8 bells. The order in which the bells ring will change 1260 times, each change will produce a unique combination.'



Event 30 - Finalé: Harry Strutters Hot 4

7.30pm - Marden House - Admission £7 (£5 Friends; £1 Child)

"Harry Strutters" was formed in 1968 in Brighton and plays throughout Great Britain and the Continent, in its largest format it is an 8-piece band with 2 singers and is the resident band in a stage show called "Swinging at the Cotton Club" which appears at theatres and concert venues on a regular basis. For the Finale the Hot 4 will play Traditional Jazz from the 1920's through to the 50's the personnel are Mike "Megs" Etherington, Cornet, Trombone, Vocals and MC, Tony Carter, Reeds, Maurice Dennis, Banjo and Guitar, and Ray Gould, Double Bass. We hope you will enjoy our particular brand of traditional jazz...and to quote Fats Waller..."The Joint will be Jumpin". The second half of the evening will be more informal, moving around to talk to people, dancing and whatever takes the mood!

* Please note the change of performers from our original programme.