Friday 5th October 2017


Event 2 - Opening Concert: Um sete um

7.30pm - Marden House - Admission £8 (£6 Friends; £1 Child)

We welcome back Katie Stevens with her new group. Um Sete Um are a trio performing choro; a style of instrumental music similar to jazz but with a blend of African rhythm and classical forms to give it a uniquely Brazilian twist. The music dates from the late 1800s up to the present day, covering the giants of the genre such as Ernesto Nazareth, Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim, and many more. Andy Carter (7 string guitar), Katie Stevens (clarinet) and Alex Magni (percussion) are part of a growing worldwide fascination with choro, attempting to preserve the spirit of the music as it was originally performed over 100 years ago. Expect memorable melodies, virtuosity and toe-tapping rhythm


Event 3 - Mick O’Toole



Event 4 - The Adventure of Cabeza de Vaca

9.30pm CODA - Marden House - Admission Free

Performed by Tom Morris and Gavin Irvine, Thereby Hangs A Tale presents 'The Marvellous Adventure of Cabeza de Vaca' by Haniel Long (1936). The conquistador narrates the true story of his disastrous 16th century expedition to find gold in Florida and his amazing salvation. With live double bass accompaniment.

 "A stunning performance from start to finish - Powerful, poetic, passionate...beautifully delivered prose. A unique piece of theatrical art."  Theatre Bath, Bath Fringe 2018


Festival Club, Marden House

The wine bar at Marden House  is open before evening events and for interval drinks. Coffee and cakes are also available on weekday evenings after the main event. Light lunches are served following the weekday lunchtime concerts in Marden House. Why not also come and enjoy a late Coda event in a relaxed atmosphere.