Friday 2nd October 2015


03 - A Decent Girl

7.45 pm - John Bentley School - Admission £5 (£3 Friends, £1 Children)


“Speak up! It is 2015! - Women have earned the right to speak!”

A second opportunity to see the production of A Decent Girl

How is it that in the USA there are more men named John running big companies than women, regardless of their name? And how is it that when women have publically questioned these inequalities they have received death threats through social media? How is it that some of these threats were from other women?

Following on from John Bentley Community Theatre’s success at last year’s Festival with Our Town (a musical written about Calne itself), A Decent Girl explores the pressures on young women today in the wake of advancing technology and social media, whilst looking back at stories of women throughout history. A Decent Girl is at times funny, tragic and eye opening, and above all else brutally honest.

Not suitable for under 12s.


04 - Finnegans Wake

7.30 pm - Marden House - Admission £8 (£6 Friends, £1 children)

Traditional Irish Music.

Accordion, Melodian, Guitar, Banjo, Vocals and Harmonies.A mix of jigs, reels, polkas, hornpipes and sing-along songs to get the feet tapping.


Festival Club, Marden House

The wine bar at Marden House  is open before evening events and for interval drinks. Coffee and cakes are also available on weekday evenings after the main event, but owing to licensing laws we shall be unable to serve alcoholic drinks on the Monday evening. Light lunches are served following the weekday lunchtime concerts in Marden House. Why not also come and enjoy a late Coda event in a relaxed atmosphere.