Thursday 9th October 2014


18 - When this Lousy War is Over

12.15pm Lunchtime Series - Marden House - £3; £1 Children; Friends (Free)

St. Mary’s School Opera Ensemble, Sue Boddington, and the winners of the Festival Poetry Competition

A tribute in words and music to a lost generation and to those who survived. Featuring music, popular songs and poetry from the 1914-18 period and a new choral work “Drifting in a Starless Space” by Mark David Boden, commissioned to commemorate the centenary of WWI. This was inspired by poems written by St. Mary’s pupils depicting a woman’s view of the war, and is an evocative blend of narration, flugelhorn and piano accompaniment.


19 - Bach, and Into the Amazon

7.30pm - Marden House - £8; £6 Friends; £1 Children

Emily Burridge is a virtuoso cellist, composer and a music scholar of Wells Cathedral School.  Her cello has taken her all over the world including Brazil where she was deeply inspired by both the natural landscape of the Amazon Forest and the music of the indigenous people.

The first half of her concert includes movements from J.S. Bach’s G major suite as well as Emily’s own compositions. The second half will take you on a magical journey in sound and vision to the Amazon, including rain forest sounds of Brazil and Xavante Indians singing traditional songs and prayers.




20 - CODA: Singchronize Choir

9.30pm - Marden House - Admission Free

Singchronize, Calne’s popular contemporary rhythmic choir, are set to reprise their highly successful concert of last year. Formed in 2010, their repertoire of songs ranges from the 1960s to recent chart entries. They are a true community group, made up of local people with a passion for singing, and are sure to get your feet tapping.