Wednesday 9th October 2013


17 - Lunchtime Series

Marlborough College Jazz Band

12.15pm - Marden House: Admission £3 (friends free)

Marlborough College Big Band explore a rich variety of repertoire. In an intimate setting they present fresh arrangements of standards along with new music.  The emphasis is on improvisation and creativity.


18 - Adolf: Pip Utton

7.30pm - John Bentley School: Admission £5 (£4 friends)

What made Adolf Hitler so compulsive? How could any cultured person follow him to destruction, desolation and genocide to leave a long deep scar on the 20th century?

Created from the words of "Mein Kampf" and "Table Talk", Pip Utton's amazing play furnishes an acute anatomy of fascism,  its ideological justifications and its poisoned utopias. He takes his audience on a journey into themselves, gently coaxing an understanding of the mindset of a nation that could allow a man such as Hitler to take control...

But Utton doesn't stop in the bunker.  He plumbs the very sources of racism and exposes just how near the surface of our own lives lurks its insidious influence. This is live theatre at its best. Powerful, dramatic, challenging, divisive, illustrative and educational. It is utterly provocative and totally necessary.

Written and performed by Pip Utton.

19 - Art Talk: Peter Dunn

Archaeological Reconstruction Paintings

7.30pm - Marden House: Admission £7 (£5 friends)

Peter Dunn, archaeological artist, will present a talk about the Archaeological Reconstruction Paintings produced over the last few years based on the recent excavations of the Stonehenge Riverside Project. They portray new interpretations of Stonehenge itself, the monumental timber structures and henge at Durrington and Woodhenge and the landscape and people of 5000 years ago.


20 - CODA: Flute & Piano

9.30pm - Marden House: Admission free

We welcome Jessica and Nic Pillow to the Festival who met through Clifton Cathedral Choir. They will be performing works by Poulenc, Bach and Martin Le Poidevin.