Calne Music & Arts Festival 


3rd - 12th October 2008








Event 10 - Marden House - 12.15pm
Piano Recital - Lunchtime recital
Rosemary Burn, artist and musician, is a relative newcomer to Wiltshire having spent much of her life in the South East and London where she studied piano at Trinity College. She now teaches piano and violin in Chippenham. The programme will include Andante and Rondo Capriccioso by Mendelssohn, two Debussy preludes and Prokofieff’s Sonata No 3.
Admission £3 (Patrons £1)

Lunch will be available in  Marden House following the lunchtime recital

English Perspectives 2008

Event 11 - Marden House - 7.30pm
New Scorpion - Bold Nelson’s Praise
We welcome the return of one of our top UK folk bands (perhaps the top band) who will give us an evening of high entertainment with an amazing array of instruments plus outstanding vocals. Their leader, Tim Laycock, has long been active on the west-country music scene and first appeared in our Festival about twelve years ago; other members are Brian Gulland, Robin Jeffrey, Robert White and Sharon Lindo who performs regularly in Devizes and other nearby venues. Robin and Sharon will have arrived hotfoot from the Globe Theatre in London where they have been performing throughout the Summer. All are multi-instrumentalists and familiar with a wide range of folk styles.

In keeping with our theme of English Perspectives the show will incorporate music, songs, readings and poetry about the events surrounding the great national hero and those who served alongside. The entertaining group, dressed in full 18th century regalia, will deliver a smouldering broadside of songs, poetry and prose.

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Friday 3rd October

Festival Opening, Folk Session

Saturday 4th October

Street Entertainment, Calne Choral, Celebration Jazz

Sunday 5th October

Lindsay Howard Academy of Dance, Piano Quartet, Gaulois Brothers

Monday 6th October

Piano Recital, New Scorpion

Tuesday 7th October

Marlborough College, Colin Howard, Belly Dancing, Calne Baroque

Wednesday 8th October

Organ & Poetry, Helicon Ensemble, Calne Silver Band, 
Chippenham Male Voice Choir, Barbershop

Thursday 9th October

St Mary's Staff, Sambuca, World Music Choir

Friday 10th October

JBS Performing Arts, Opera Sulis, Against the Grain

Saturday 11th October

Vaughan Williams Concert, Découpage, Apollo Wind Ensemble

Sunday 12th October

JohnPilikington Talk, Quarter Peal, Thanksgiving, Finale Cocktail Piano

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English Perspectives 2008 indicates events which feature this year’s Festival theme